Demos and Skillshares

First Workshop: Spanish (1&2) with Pascual Brodsky


Courses for beginners and intermediate levels

Starting on January 29th, each Monday at 6 pm & 7:40 pm.

$135 for the course: 6 sessions of 1.5 hrs., 6 weeks

10 students max. per course.

Syllabus and special guests

Dear friends of Sunview, we are pleased to invite you all to our new Spanish programs, whether you need to start from zero, brush up or practice to achieve fluency. Our professor, Pascual Brodsky, is a native Spanish speaker from Chile, graduated at NYU, a published writer and an excellent teacher with years of experience in particular lessons and schools, private and public.

\ Our classes at Sunview will combine structured grammar and conversation practice based on real-life situations, so you can practice out in the city too: presenting yourself, ordering at a restaurant, sharing stories at a mezcalería, discussing politics or commenting the best Spanish spoken cinema. Find a more detailed description of the courses on the next page.

For this winter, we will be scheduling two programs, starting on January 29th, for beginner and intermediate levels, each of them with a syllabus, so you will know exactly what to expect. This syllabus also helps you to keep up if you miss a class! The programs will last 6 weeks, with a weekly session on Mondays, of 1.5 hrs., at 6 pm & 7:40 pm. The maximum for each course is 10 students. Programs will cost $135.00. In order to confirm the courses, we need a minimum of 4 students for each, before January 22th. Because it is our first time, you can pay one half of the program first, so you can evaluate within 3 lessons if you want to commit to the other half. Our courses will follow a textbook (not included: $20 approx.) and other supplementary materials facilitated by the professor. If you want to cancel your subscription, you should let us know before January 22th. to receive a refund.

This is an endeavor of Sunview to better involve the neighborhood with the Hispanic community and its culture. We are planning to invite Spanish speaking people from different disciplines and experiences, to share their views and talk with us. Our assignments will include visiting neighborhoods, parks and dining places. We will also be talking about politics, films, series, and literature. A language is always infused with collective sense-making, so we will encourage to learn Spanish by making sense of what is the Spanish speaking world actually like. Join us for a great experience!


The beginner’s program will do for those who need to start from zero or need to remember what they learned years ago. We’ll cover pronunciation, intonation, simple present tense, and simple past tense for the most useful verbs (ser, estar, hay, tener, poder); and the grammatical correspondence between gender, number, articles, and prepositions.

At the end of this program you should be able to talk your way to survival in any Spanish speaking city, presenting yourself, your friends and family; describe daily routines and past events; express what you like or dislike. We will practice our conversation with basic situations such as ordering a quesadilla and a Tecate, ask for indications and shopping and haggling in a mercado.


This program fit those who can express themselves in the simple tenses of Spanish; past, present and future.

We will practice our conversation, reviewing the different past tenses and we will expand our grammatical range of expressions to the conditional and imperative tenses. Also, we will introduce the subjunctive (expression of instructions, wishes, obligations, needs, expectations, hypothetical cases). For each class, the student and the teacher will each prepare some topic to talk about, hopefully inspiring us to become more thoughtful, reliable and charming citizens of the world.