H. Honne Wells
Sarah Halpern
Pillowcase + Bullhorn

H. Honne Wells I heard on two 'FMU shows within a week of each other, and it got me scrambling through a few Internet rabbit holes.

After emerging from one, I realized it was somebody I had a few mutual friends with. The bits I heard were from a recording called "Goodbye Niagara Suite."

But here are three tracks from a different album (about halfway through the playlist):


I'm going to let Sarah do the talking herself: http://sarahhalpern.com/music

She's multi-talented and I've only had one cup of coffee, not enough to do her justice.

And Pillowcase + Bullhorn, well - it's going to be a guy telling a story through a bullhorn with a pillowcase over his head.

It should be a good night.