the transformation

Diabolus: Ben F.
Marguerite: Keilana
Faust: Dylan L
Cretinous: Joanne
Speaker: Jason
Mayor: Harvey
Meatmonger: Lilly
Blacksmith: Greg M.
Lumberjack: Devin
Rich Man: Ben Z
Farmer: Anna
Mystic: Sameer
Buddhist: Sara S
Beggar: Yona
Prophet: Akiva
Poet: Spencer


Scene List

Scene 1: Faust and Cretinous Spin the Globe
Scene 2: The Tavern of the Four Seasons
Scene 3: Marguerite and the Plant
Scene 4: Faust, The Diabolus & Marguerite
Scene 5: Cretinous Makes a Deal with the Diabolus
Scene 6: Dream of Faust: A Silent Question
Scene 7: The Tavern of the Four Seasons - Faust Illumination
Scene 8: The Diabolus and Marguerite in Drag
Scene 9: Tavern of the Four Seasons
Scene 10: Faust Understands
Scene 11: Cretinous!

Dome Theatre's latest play, Transformation, comes to you under the airs. The story of one tempted by one,a soul let go at a very cheap price, the familiar one, a man unscienced, a woman made of Light, a mangy unseen dog, a fluorescent Plant, and a crowd of Vegetables. All placed in an overheated Tavern that serves up Injustice and Swill.

Pre bring your own drinks hangout to the sunview luncheonette, located on N. Henry and Nassau, from 4 until 7, and then we cross the street together into the park at early dusk.

see you there!