Dear Sunview–

This Sunday January 26th, Lisa Shonberg joins us to celebrate the release of her bookThe Hylaeus Project**, at Sunview. Aidan Koch will join her via Skype for an artist talk, and they will share photos, stories, and sounds from their expedition.  Book release at 6, members dinner at 8:30, & with any luck bee sounds thereafter till midnight.

Cheers & hope to see you--


** (published by Publication Studio/Jank Editions, with illustrations by Aidan Koch) 


Lisa Schonberg is a drummer, writer and artist with a background in entomology. Seven years ago she co-authored petitions to the US Fish & Wildlife Service to list several native species of Hawaiian bees as endangered. Last year Lisa spent a month visiting sites in Hawaii documenting these rare bees and their habitats. Lisa brought along illustrator Aidan Koch to help evolve her connection to this study site into a full scale, multidisciplinary exposition. This trip resulted in a 250-page publication that includes writing, interviews and illustrations. Lisa also composed a new set of compositions based on the soundscapes in the habitats they visited, and these were recently premiered by her evolving collaboration, Secret Drum Band, in Portland.

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