Hey all,

I just wanted to remind all of you that this Sunday is: "Taxi Music: A Ride Through the 20th Century." You should come check it out. We will open the doors at 8pm. We hope to have the presentation start at 9pm. For the description please see below.

I was wondering if anyone could help do food for this event? We thought about making yellow food, or Punjabi. Dylan do you still have that chili? Maybe we could have cornbread with a side of chili. If there are any ideas, and especially help, it would be much appreciated. We also need a video projector for this event. Does anyone know the status of the one at the luncheonette. Is it possible to borrow one from someone?

See you all Sunday,


Taxi Music: A Ride Through the 20th Century George Laszlo, Executive Director - Taxi & Limousine Research Center

The first "horseless" taxis were introduced around 1893. It was not long thereafter that composers began to write music about them, a tradition that continues today and is unlikely to stop in the future. This music comes in all genres and from all parts of the world although the main focus will be on the english speaking world.

This chronological review of taxi music will put the compositions in context of the era and place within which they came to be. Album covers and performer / composer bios will be given. It will also include photographs of taxicabs and taxi drivers from 1896 to 2012. Sound clips will include artists such as Cab Callaway, Marilyn Monroe, Mills Brothers, Alberta Hunter, Joni Mitchell, Harry Chapin, R Kelly and Frank Ocean.