Dave’s Waves returns once again from the aether to the Sunview! And March 22nd-24th, 2019 will see our sonic and visual delights once again available as your host David “Dave” First re-opens your favorite neighborhood sonic luncheonette for a vernal equinox celebration that could only happen at Dave’s Waves.

There will be new video delights and dishes on the menu (check out our now classic Binaural Bites) as well as, of course, all your old favorites: Dave’s genuine, original, sonified-to-perfection Schumann Resonance data, Dave’s just intonation videos, Dave’s Waves TV, delicious sweet ‘n’ savories by the amazing Kate Henderson, drinks, **PLUS** a new series of special pagan ritual performances along with the Schumann drones by a group of specially chosen, shamanic sonic empaths, including YOU (see below)!

Hours of Operation:

3/22 7-11pm (9pm performance by David “Dave” First himself and special guest Steve Silverstein playing out of David’s AM Radio Band Hymnal—a melange of vintage 50s/60s high frequency signal generators, audio oscillators, function generators, and portable/transistor radios.

3/23 11am-11pm (9pm performance by the amazing Schumann Resonance String Quartet: Tom Chiu/Conrad Harris/Pauline Kim Harris/Meaghan Burke)

3/24 11am-7pm (4pm performance by YOU—the Schumann Resonance Slide Whistle Orchestra: free official Dave’s Waves slide whistles to the first 15 people in attendance with a group performance/spring celebration to follow!)

Sunview Luncheonette
221 Nassau Ave

“Book a table at Dave’s Waves right away, since First is quite simply a master chef when it comes to cooking up harmonics… Guaranteed to get your head spinning, indeed. Bon appetit!” [Paris Transatlantic]

“Dave’s Waves is an electronic fantastic voyage through the human brain.” [Perfect Sound Forever]

*** *Four Stars [All Music Guide]