The next part is going to be like effectively measuring the width of a tabletop by holding your knee against its underside while your forearms rest above it in view.  Only why would you notice such a thing as widthwhen there are a pair of eyes meetings yours so intently, at exactly the same height as yours & exactly the distance of its breadth as the table you’re both seated at.  & all at once, & thru the table, the message-meaning in patted spates–– how, to strike out into a clear, dark night, could you sing the name backwards of an obvious constellation in order to lessen its suggestion?  No, you couldn’t, of course not.  What you’ve come to recognize is all at once irrevocable.

When I say “you” I really mean to say something propositionally.  You can be there/not there–– I can’t tell yet.

So, invitationally, as preposition: at/of/into––

@ the Sunview Luncheonette
(corner of Nassau & Henry)
on Saturday, Feb 6th
from 1 - 4 pm

–– there will be a proprioceptive-renditional-periodicizing procedure happening.

You can come & go from it.

Please bring something that seems prone.  Like a thing that reveals itself to you from your drawer amongst the other things.  Or something that you imagine hesitates, or something that seems half-full, something maybe very close to you that’s always seemed only barely familiar enough, something that expects presence as if purring, that rhymes or halves, that you can fit in your hand, in your pocket, that you’d want to change its settings.

Come enjoy some afternoon soup (for free!) & a visiting feeling.  Remember that time you had a real crystal vision during the intermission reception, or the time you called the homework helpline.

Bring a notebook.

& it’s for anyone.  There are limitless openings.

An opera called, for now, something like the first paragraph or the way you remember first reading it–– however you want to call that for short.