We're having a monthly meeting coming up on Monday, Feb. 20th at Sunview Luncheonette and we'd love to see you there! Here's info about the gathering, and about us, on the FB event page.

If it's up your alley, please come, and feel free to invite your people. If it's very up your alley, you are very welcome to propose a working group. (I've included some info about SoA working groups below). Hoping to see you soon!

An SoA working group can take many forms; at its most basic it is a group that comes together around a theme, practice, or project and meets periodically over the course of 3 months to create some sort of final product / project for the next SoA quarterly meeting (be that a presentation, performance, publication, object, website, video, etc.). Leading a working group generally works best when:The facilitator convenes the group to work on a topic that is of particular interest to them, and / or would serve as a valuable tool to support an existing project (whereby the group's final product could represent a milestone in the larger project). The facilitator is excited about the central themes of School of Apocalypse -- that of exploring the connections between creative practice and survival.The deadline to submit a proposal online is this upcoming Friday, Feb. 10th (although that's not a hard deadline, and you could have more time if you wanted it), and working groups will make their presentations at the upcoming SoA quarterly meeting on Monday, Feb. 20th at 7pm, at Sunview Luncheonette in Brooklyn (see facebook event for more details). The working group should meet for the first time in mid-March, and then present at the next SoA quarterly meeting on June 19th.