Saturn is the most distant visible planet; a cold and slow moving celestial body whose cycles mark milestones in lifetimes and define generations. Traditionally, Saturn was considered to be Melancholic, responsible at once for great suffering and great accomplishment. Ancient texts, astrological methodology, and techniques of traditional planetary magic will be consulted as we consider the history of the planet’s leaden influence on western thought and endeavors. In a contemporary sense, Saturn could be considered the lord of “Adulting.” Saturn sits as a cold hearted witness as we accomplish or avoid necessary and unsexy tasks such as paying down debt, filing taxes, scheduling dental work, and arriving each day at time-sucking, youth-robbing day jobs. Triumph or capitulation in saturnine matters can mean the difference between a life of quiet power or a life of brutal agony. We mine affect theory, the American-capitalist cult of productivity, and esoteric literature to find methods to help lighten the dead weight of this malefic planet upon our backs.

Julie and Greta will deconstruct the much-dreaded Saturn Return, and delineate a number of example charts. Come knowing your time of birth if you would like your chart to be considered. We will take time to discuss Saturn’s ingress into Capricorn on December 20th, and what these next 6 years of Saturn residing in Capricorn and then Aquarius, the two signs of its rulership, will mean for our world. Through food and drink, ritual, incantations, guided meditation, lecture and visual explication, we bask in goth reverie in the ashen light of the planet associated with death, decay, misery, doom, and isolation.

Julie R-S & Greta Svalberg are currently based in Western Massachusetts. Julie R-S offers counseling and astrological consultations locally and on line. Greta Svalberg is a painter and curator. //

Doors at 5
Saturnine Cocktail Hour:
Dirty Martinis
Oysters and Caviar
Class in session from 6 - 9, with short breaks for dinner and dessert

Food and drink provided by Julie, Greta, and Orion Russel
Suggested donation $28, no one turned away for lack of funds

Wear black