Dear Sunview---

Just got some very special news that JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon will be gracing us with His presence on Wednesday, March 5th, at 8 pm. We'll be cooking a bankers stew in His (dis)honor.  Please bring some hard alcohol. It's going to be a long, cold-hearted night.

Jamie Dimon: Before the Nation Went Bankrupt is a lecture performance that tells the story of the financial crisis through the love letters of JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon.
The performance is in part a history of our current financial crisis, a conflation of romantic love and finance, and an exploration of the impulse to dominate. Not quite fiction and not quite satire, the letters are a cry in the dark from an insular world that brought us all to the brink (and beyond?) of financial, physical and moral ruin.

Dinner will be served, a heady and aromatic bankers stew, made from historically scarce ingredients.

Hope you'll be there. Please Let us know how many kittens to drown for the banker's stew. Just kidding. It's vegan. Does that surprise you?