Friends and followers of the Sunview Luncheonette —

There will be a gathering on Saturday, February 7th, at around 8:33pm to wax on about the waning of Mercury in her retrograde. It’ll be a weird and bright intervention in the midst of a patterned winter darkness. We’ll prepare some food, some readings, and music but bring your brilliant brains and magnetic human bodies to 221 Nassau Avenue in Brooklyn. Also, maybe a drink and a story to share.

RSVP by Wednesday, February 4th!

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Remember: that the atmosphere of Mercury is essentially a vacuum. Compositional values are variable and not well constrained.

Surface pressure: ~10-15 bar (0.001 picobar)
Average temperature: 440 K (167 C) (590-725 K, sunward side)
Total mass of atmosphere: <~1000 kg

Atmospheric composition: 42% Oxygen (O2), 29% Sodium (Na), 22% Hydrogen (H2), 6% Helium (He), 0.5% Potassium (K), possible trace amounts of Argon (Ar), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Water (H2O), Nitrogen (N2), Xenon (Xe), Krypton (Kr), Neon (Ne), Calcium (Ca and Ca+), Magnesium (Mg)

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Distance from Earth
Minimum (106 km)            77.3
Maximum (106 km)           221.9
Apparent diameter from Earth
Maximum (seconds of arc)    13.0
Minimum (seconds of arc)     4.5
Maximum visual magnitude            -1.9
Mean values at inferior conjunction with Earth
Distance from Earth (106 km)         91.70
Apparent diameter (seconds of arc)   11.0