Hi Sunviewers,

I want to make sure you know about this show by some friends from France happening tomorrow evening at the space! Hope to see everyone there! Here's all the details: 

Two design studios, Mr. & Mr. and Celia-Hannes from France, share the results of reactions to the methods and materials that New Yorkers might not have even noticed are their most immediate surroundings. After this presentation of their limited edition of design furniture and objects you may see the streets of New York from a new perspective.

Is the reunion of Celia Picard and Hannes Schreckensberger. They work between the fields of architecture, design and experimental craftsmanship. There research-based practice is primarily develop from a critical observation of rituals, myths and cultural phenomena.

Mr. & Mr.
1+1=1. For Mr.&Mr., everything, though separate, can be made into a whole. Mr.&Mr. is comprised of Alexis Lautier and Pierre Talagrand, and is both a creative design studio and an independent editing house. This duo bypasses the conventional design practice by plunging each of their productions into a distinctive fashion which invents our world and recounts theirs. By radically changing the way objects are used, poetising the fabrication processes and using a blend of creative techniques, Mr.&Mr. develops enchanting products which become a living reality in our daily lives.

Supported by INSTITUT FRANÇAIS and La Région Languedoc-Roussillon


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