Vehicle is a monthly meeting where a group of artists and other interested practitioners get together, drink, and have candid conversations about the work they produce.

This meeting will take place on Monday June 24 at 7pm.

The Sunview Luncheonette
221 Nassau Street, Brooklyn NY 11222

Liang Luscombe will present her work-in-progress single-channel video “Sweaty Scales.” This is a surreal comedy set in a world of brightly coloured constructed film sets, puppets and sculptures. The video tells the story of a pair of lovers: an Asian American woman named Lisa and her Caucasian lover Oliver. Through this interracial romance, the project explores Lisa’s struggle finding her own sexual identity and space for fantasy in relation to the bind of representation that confronts Asian American women. Guided by a narrator that performs upon a diamond-shaped staircase set, we follow Lisa and Oliver through a world of parties, late-night cocktails, crafting evenings, and film-going.

Liang Luscombe is a visual artist currently based in Chicago and undertaking the 2018–2019 Chicago Artist Coalition’s HATCH residency. She has undertaken residencies at the SOMA Summer, Mexico City, 2018; Australia Council Studio, British School at Rome in 2013; and Perth Institute of Contemporary Art Studio Residency, Perth in 2011. She was the recipient of an Australia Council JUMP Mentorship in 2013 and was mentored by Australian painter Angela Brennan.