Hello friends, citizens, art-going public,

I am very pleased to invite you to the Sunview Luncheonette on Friday, March 24th at 8pm for a screening of Itziar Barrio's THE HISTORY OF THE FIST and ALL OF US WANT TO WORK LESS. This will be accompanied by a reading from writer, filmmaker and Barrio collaborator, Dia Felix. Dinner will be served. Please BYOB. The event is free, but donations are strongly encouraged and appreciated. Please RSVP to this email, as seating at the Luncheonette is limited.

About the work:

The History of the Fist (running time 16:00)
The fist is a ubiquitous symbol, which has amassed myriad significance throughout the epochs of recorded time. Following its trajectory through historical and fictional narratives, Barrio inspects this history with a rhizomatic approach. Acknowledging references to violence, labor, social revolutions, and gender, we see the evolution of the fist coming into its own as a symbol – standing alone, severed from the body. The video includes text by writer Dia Felix, whose narrative fiction reinforces the larger mythology, and commentary by historian Lincoln Cushing, grounding the work in non-fictional details from his studies of the fist in a political art context.

All of Us Want to Work Less (running time 24:00)
The working material for All of Us Want to Work Less are pickpocketting scenes from Robert Bresson’s feature Pickpocket (1959). The reconstruction of these and other scenes from the film in which the social use of stealing is questioned are the focus of the video. All of Us Want to Work Less explores the relationship between work and legality, while queering the space of 'criminality' the original movie implies.