Sonya Derman
Sunview Luncheonette
July 8 and 9, 7:00PM - 11:00PM

Please stop by the Sunview Luncheonette on the weekend of July 8 & 9 for an installation of new works by Sonya Derman. Created out of the negotiation of constraints both formal and social, in which digital paintings and drawings engage with the digital image-flow of the pandemic across our devices and the servers with which they continually track and re-construct us, the works will be projected across the luncheonette while we ourselves continue our process of reconvening within. Toward this end the installation will also host the following:

Friday 7/8
Performance by Patrick Carlin Mohundro
Musical performance by Zuriel Waters

Saturday 7/9
Reading by Bethany Ides
Music by Jantar

There will also be some cucumber-related food, some drinks, etc.

Sonya Derman is an interdisciplinary visual artist and educator based in New York City. Her work is rooted in painting and writing, drawing from vernacular and nostalgic imagery, prosaic still lives and portraiture, and self-help mythologies. Through associative thinking and visual layering, she explores the tension between public and private life amongst contemporary demands of self-branding and continuous performativity.