With Sam Gould and Dylan Gauthier, Red76
Thursday, November 8th, 2012
7pm - 9.30pm

Location: A former diner, shuttered for many years, in Greenpoint, Brooklyn (for exact location, text: 612.224.6011)

Transportation note:  The diner is in Greenpoint on Nassau near Msgr. McGolrick Park.  At this point, it requires legwork to get there -- biking, walking or the B62 -- unless the trains are restored.  Bring your energy and good will.

For our Thursday action, we invite you to our new Potluck restaurant, Henry. Come with food and drink to share as we collaboratively materialize a new dining establishment in Greenpoint, a restaurant run by those who show up and that disappears once its patrons leave. At Henry, we will discuss some of the autonomous efforts witnessed over the last week by individuals and a vital handful of groups, such as Occupy Sandy, consider their infrastructure, and how the mobilizing of these efforts has not only helped with basic physical needs, but also with more affective ones: closeness, solidarity, companionship, teamwork, group-think, shared know-how, and a belief in The Possible.

What would these efforts look like in NYC away from a moment of crisis? What would they look like in any city within the US? What can we learn from the autonomous and fluid infrastructures and agreements which have been energized over this past week?  How can they help us envision a more equitable and horizontal form of communal habitation and collaboration for our shared futures?

Let’s have fun, let’s make this the best temporary restaurant we’ve ever attended. Bring your favorite dish to share, bring two dishes. Bring bottles of wine. Bring plates and knives and glasses. We will too. As well, we’ll provide the setting - a dusty and beautiful old diner, with a long counter and booths as well. The stage will be set for us to sit comfortably among friends and those soon no longer to be strangers, to eat and drink in a lively and comfortable atmosphere wherein we can discuss what is truly, energetically, important today and into the future, in the midst as well as the aftermath of hurricanes, as well as scenic fall days strolling along familiar streets: How We Wish to Live.

LIMIT: 15 people