(above image: Rosalie Schweiker, Will happiness ever find me?, tarot readings, 2012 - ongoing)

Hi Luncheonette:

For this Sunday's Club Night we will present an evening of readings, music, and tarot with friends in town visiting from UK, CANADA, and USA


Ana Božičević & Sophia Le Fraga (not_I),
Kari Cwynar,
David Morris,
Sarah Resnick,
Rosalie Schweiker.

READINGS at 8:30
TAROT throughout

not_I performs at galleries, universities, parties and weddings. For more information, contact Sophia Le Fraga and Ana Božičević.

Kari Cwynar curates and writes and is Director of Kunstverein Toronto.

David Morris is based in London. He is co-editor with Sylvère Lotringer of Schizo-Culture: The Event, The Book (Semiotexte/MIT, 2014).

Sarah Resnick is a writer and managing editor of Triple Canopy.

Rosalie Schweiker is a conceptual artist based in London. Together with Maria Guggenbichler she facilitated Funny Women Art, a holiday for female artists funded by the Munich arts council. Currently the two are working on the publication Clever Men's Art with Jeremy Deller, Harrell Fletcher, Peter Fischli & David Weiss, Kenneth Goldsmith, Tino Sehgal, Franz West and others.

FUTpastURE press publishes overdraft fees, laundry tickets, banana peels, and other expended/extended ephemera from their home base at the Sunview Luncheonette.  For this iteration they will be printing a poster/menu designed with Greg Mihalko (Partner & Partners).

(imaginary image: FUTpastURE press, hanging w/ my desktop folder right now, 2014 - forever)

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