Sunview is pleased to welcome Henry Sanchez and THE ENGLISH KILLS PROJECT.

The ENGLISH KILLS PROJECT presents concepts for new wetlands and mussel habitats in the English Kills tributary of Newtown Creek in Brooklyn. It is collaborating with the Newtown Creek Alliance to fabricate a floating bio-remediation experiment in English Kills. The talk includes time for participants to draw designs for constructed wetlands and public access on design templates. Attendees will learn about the discovery of new mussel colonies and the existence of a natural spring in English Kills located in the Bushwick/East Williamsburg neighborhood.Videos reveal egrets, ducks, geese, killifish, shrimp and mussel ecosystems that exist in the most polluted waterway in New York City. The ENGLISH KILLS PROJECT is a socially engaged, bio-art project that seeks an ecological transformation through bioremediation processes of the English Kills waterway, a Superfund site.


instagram: #englishkillsproject

HGS-EK-Egret HGS-IntroducingEKP HGS-The-First-Mussel-Habitat