Collectif presents the first exhibition “Designated” at the art center and diner Sunview Luncheonette, in Greenpoint (Brooklyn).

Designated - The Exhibition is born. For this first edition, Collectif presents three media makers, artists and filmmakers - Zoya Baker, Candace Thompson and Marine G. Brun-Franzetti - who is co-founder of Collectif and curator of the show. Designated invites the viewers to question their human condition and behaviors in an environment affected by climate change.

ZOYA BAKER - “Memory Herbarium” (Photographs and AR)
Memory Herbarium is an interactive installation that invites human participants to collaborate with wild plants and contribute to an archive of images co-created by plants and humans. Augmented reality plants emerge at the site of ethnobotanical communion.
IG: zoyabaker

CANDACE THOMPSON - The C.U.R.B (Projection)
The C.U.R.B. is an interdisciplinary art and activism project that reconnects urbanites with our fragile (and oft-displaced) food web in the face of oncoming climate change.
IG: @the_c_u_r_b

MARINE G. BRUN-FRANZETTI - “Recipes of Culinary Tragedies” (Book + Photographs)
The artist presents a series of photographs and “special menus” from her work “Recipes of Culinary Tragedies” which turns food into a conceptual piece of environmental awareness.
IG: @marinedecollectif @collectif__


For the “ceremony”, Collectif designates 6 emerging filmmakers for a screening of short films:

Francis Agyapong - “Big Wigs”, “ZIP”, “Planet Earth:nyc”
Kim Boekbinder - “What is the Green New Deal?”
Marine G. Brun-Franzetti - “The Revolution Of Plastic”
Lorris Coulon - “If Sea Dies”
Shai Frumkin - “Crush”
Tatiana Stolpovskaya - “Permanent Residency With Conditions”
Macha Tsarenkov - “Sunny’s”

Music Opening:
Breeeep and Dj Soy Boy