The U.S. premier of Dave’s Waves Sonic Restaurant.

Experimental composer David First and the Sunview Lunchonette combine forces to present Dave’s Waves Sonic Luncheonette.

Join us, starting this weekend and next, Sept. 14th - Sept. 16th, and Sept. 21st - Sept. 23rd. for live drones, Schumann resonances, sine wave TV, and live performances from friends and colleagues of the franchise.

Come for the resonances. Stay for the waves. Bring headphones!!!

Hours of Operation

9/14 7-11pm (Opening)
Ritual Performance by David First and Muyassar Kurdi @ 9pm

9/15 11am-11pm
Ritual Performance by Early Web (Anastasia Clarke and Crystal Penalosa) @ 9pm

9/16 11am-7pm
(surprises TBA…stay tuned!)

9/17 to 9/20
TBD—call ahead for reservations (917) 439-9576

9/21 7-11pm
Ritual Performance by Alice Cohen and Megan Moncrief @ 9pm

9/22 11am-11pm
Ritual Performance by Tom Hamilton and Al Margolis @ 9pm

9/23 11am-7pm (Closing)
(surprises TBA…stay tuned!)