Dave’s Waves returns once again from the aether to Greenpoint, Brooklyn! And December 6th-8th, 2019 will see our sonic and visual delights once again available as your host David “Dave” First re-opens your favorite neighborhood sonic luncheonette for a holidaze celebration that could only happen at Dave’s Waves.

There will be new video delights and dishes on the menu (check out our now classic Binaural Bites and recently added Iso Chronic Soundaes) as well as, of course, all your old favorites: Dave’s genuine, original, sonified-to-perfection Schumann Resonance data, Dave’s just intonation videos, Dave’s Waves TV, delicious sweet ‘n’ savories and bracing seasonal drinks by Mira Gwincinska, PLUS a new series of special pagan ritual performances along with the Schumann drones by a group of specially chosen, shamanic sonic empaths!

Bring your fav headphones/earbuds…

Dave's Waves Family Listening

(A typical Greenpoint family enjoying September’s Dave’s Waves)

221 Nassau Avenue
Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Hours of Operation

12/6 7-11pm 9pm special ritual performance by the amazing Sunwatchers (Jim McHugh/Jeff Tobias/Jason Robira/Peter Kerlin) playing inside the Schumann Resonance Jungle Drones along with your host on function generators, signal generators, oscillators, and AM radios.

12/7 noon-11pm 9pm special ritual performance by the enchanting Schumann Resonance Saxophone Choir (Kate Mohanty/Craig Schenker/Erin Rogers/Elliott Levin/Jeremy Danneman), playing a specially constructed improv score created by your host.

12/8 noon-5pm spontaneous ritual performances all day by your genial host—come by and request your favorite Schumann Resonance holiday classics!

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