Dave’s Waves returns once again from the aether to Greenpoint, Brooklyn! And September 20th-22nd, 2019 will see our sonic and visual delights once again available as your host David “Dave” First re-opens your favorite neighborhood sonic luncheonette for an autumnal celebration that could only happen at Dave’s Waves.

There will be new audio delights and dishes on the menu (check out our now classic “Binaural Bites” and recent addition “Iso Chronic Soundaes”) as well as, of course, all your old favorites: Dave’s genuine, original, sonified-to-perfection Schumann Resonance data, Dave’s just intonation videos, Dave’s Waves TV, delicious sweet ‘n’ savories by the amazing catering duo of Kate Henderson and Mira Gwincinska, cool seasonal drinks, PLUS new special pagan ritual performances along with the Schumann drones by a group of specially chosen, shamanic sonic empaths!

“Book a table at Dave’s Waves right away, since First is quite simply a master chef when it comes to cooking up harmonics… Guaranteed to get your head spinning, indeed. Bon appetit!” [Paris Transatlantic]

“Dave’s Waves is an electronic fantastic voyage through the human brain.” [Perfect Sound Forever]

**** Four Stars [All Music Guide]

Please see schedule below for dates and times.
9/20 7pm-11pm

9pm duo performance by David “Dave” First himself and special guest, Bernard Gann

D.F. — vong co guitar
B.G — microtonal guitar
9/21 11am-11pm

9pm performance by The Schumann Resonance Guitar Consort:

Jessica Ackerley
Chris Cochrane
Ian Douglas-Moore
Helen Rush
David Watson
9/22 11am-7pm (spontaneous performances all day by your genial host—come by and request your favorite Autumn Schumann Resonance tunes!)
Artist Bios

DAVID FIRST has always been fascinated by opposites and extremes. At 20 he played guitar with renowned avant-jazz pianist Cecil Taylor in a legendary Carnegie Hall concert. Two years later he was creating electronic music as an artist-in-residence at Princeton (released in 2013 on Dais records) and leading a Mummerʼs String Band in Philadelphia parades. He has played in raucous drunken bar bands, semi-legal DIY basements and in pin-drop quiet concert halls with classical ensembles. As a composer First has created everything from finely crafted pop songs to long, severely minimalist microtonal droneworks. His AIDS crisis opera, The Manhattan Book of the Dead, was staged at LaMama’s Annex Theater (NYC) in 1995 and in Potsdam, Germany in 1996. His 2011 song, We Are (featuring TV on the Radio’s Kyp Malone), was released to much acclaim in the Occupy Movement and was officially released on the compilation Occupy This Album which also featured tracks by Patti Smith, Willie Nelson, Yoko Ono a.o. First’s performances often find him sitting trance-like without seeming to move a muscle, unless he is playing with his psychedelic punk band, Notekillers, at which time he is a whirling blur of hyperactive energy. He has been called “a fascinating artist with a singular technique.” in the New York Times, and “a bizarre cross between Hendrix and La Monte Young.” in the Village Voice. First’s most recent project, Same Animal, Different Cages (Fabrica records), is a series of solo LPs on a variety of instruments, including acoustic guitar, analog synth, the most recent, Civil War Songs for solo harmonica, and sitar (TBR winter 2018). His sound installations have been exhibited at Studio 5 Beekman, Diapason, Exit Art and Harvestworks in NYC as well as the Kunstforeningen (Copenhagen) and Konstmuseum (Uppsala). Previous versions of Dave’s Waves Sonic Restaurant audio/video installation have been exhibited in Lier, Belgium (2002), Berlin (as part of Sonambiente in 2006), Leeuwarden, the Netherlands (2013), and Moscow (2018).

DAVID WATSON is an experimental musician. A guitarist, bagpiper and advocate for intelligent listening, his work encompasses improvisation and composition in a wide variety of contexts. Originally from New Zealand, he has lived and worked in New York City since 1987. He has worked intensively with a wide range of extraordinary artists, including Chris Abrahams, Robert Ashley, Frisner Augustin, Marcia Bassett, Tony Buck, Che Chen, Anthony Coleman, David First, Alastair Galbraith, Shelley Hirsch, Samara Lubelski, Chris Mann, Christian Marclay, Sean Meehan, Ikue Mori, Bill Nace, Andrea Parkins, Lee Ranaldo, Talibam!, Yoshi Wada, Alex Waterman, John Zorn, $75 Bill, amongst many others.

CHRIS COCHRANE is a songwriter and guitarist who has been playing in New York since the 1980s . Chris has played with Thurston Moore, Zeena Parkins, John Zorn, Marc Ribot, Billy Martin, Eszter Balint, Stew, James Chance, Mike Patton, Henry Kaiser, Andrea Centazzo, Annie Gosfield, Tim Hodgkinson, Miguel Frasconi, Richard Buckner, Davey Williams, Ladonna Smith and Jim Pugliese and many others. He has composed music for Dennis Cooper, John Jasperse, Neil Greenberg, Nayland Blake, Ishmael Houston-Jones, Jennifer Monson and Circus Amok. He was in the bands No Safety and Curlew, and is currently in several bands: Collapsible Shoulder with Brian Chase, Kato Hideki and Kevin Bud Jones, Alphawhore with Gordon Beeferman and Kevin Shea, BEELINE with Billy Martin and Kato Hideki, a duo with Stuart Popejoy and periodically plays with the Chris Rael’s Church of Betty.

In the past decade, JESSICA ACKERLEY has already established herself on the Canadian and American rock and jazz scene as a unique guitarist, composer and band leader. Born and raised in Alberta, Canada; Jessica now resides in New York city where she has worked alongside notable musicians such as Tyshawn Sorey and Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Herbie Hancock, John Zorn). She as had the opportunity to perform at established venues like John Zorn’s The Stone, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Blue Note, as well as tours as both a band leader and sideman throughout Canada and the United States. Her musical palette is diverse, drawing from highly refined compositional structure to free improvisation and jazz, with a slight nod to no wave and Avant Garde soundscapes. All About Jazz has stated upon the release of her acclaimed debut album that,“her work demonstrates her independence and refusal to conform, yet it is rooted firmly in that which has influenced her. If she maintains this course, Ackerley has a brilliant career ahead of her.” Jessica continuously tries to expand her musical horizons with various projects across Canada and the U.S.

IAN DOUGLAS-MOORE’S music uses guitar, electronic tones, and field recordings to examine the textures of layered resonant sounds as they engage with acoustic space. Before moving to NYC, he lived in Berlin where he began ongoing projects with, among others, saxophonist Paul Roth, with whom he founded Earwash Records, and Swedish writer/sound artist Pär Thörn. He co-organizes the experimental music series WOrk with David Watson, plays in a duo with William Duncan that merges acoustic instruments with beating sine tones, and performs with the bands Gold Dime and Pleasure Prince.

BERNARD GANN is a Brooklyn musician who has played in Liturgy, Guardian Alien, Matter Waves, Shop Talk, Huh, and a variety of other collaborations.

HELEN RUSH was a founding member of the New York based avant folk group ‘The Tower Recordings’ along with Matt Valentine (MV/EE, Wet Tuna) and Pat Gubler (P.G. Six). Helen Rush and Pat Gubler also form the psychedelic folk duo ‘Metal Mountains’.