An evening of video and performance for video. Curated by Angela Washko.

Artists in the screening program:
Anthony Antonellis, Jeremy Bailey, Jennifer Chan, Joseph Delappe, Adam Frelin, Ann Hirsch, Faith Holland, Erika Ostrander, Sunita Prasad, Boryana Rossa, and Angela Washko

How Are We Not Crushed By The Weight of Being Watched is a screening program of video works and performances for video made by artists looking at the data body, the watched (physical) body, and the debated body submitted to the stream.  What are the psychological impacts of moving through socialized gendered gazes in every transitional moment in public space...and how can we represent those feelings tangibly?

We submit large amounts of information from our "private lives" to be scrutinized by our constructed publics (both willfully and through the proprietary connective technologies we cannot live without) will this impact social, political, and cultural interactions and movements in the future?  How does the physical body under institutionalized video and voyeuristic surveillance differ from the data body under internet usage surveillance and the vlogger uploading the physical body into internet space for views? Are these phenomena independent or intertwined?  The artists in How Are We Not Crushed By The Weight of Being Watched subvert viewership expectations in the arenas they upload performances to, ask questions about how we assign value to who is watched and attempt to translate what it feels like to watch and be watched in a pervasively panoptical reality.


Jennifer Chan, "factum/mirage III," 2011 (above)
Boryana Rossa, "Woman President," 2011 (below)