Friends & Fiends:

I'm deeply sorry to say you have been lied to all your life.There's a vast conspiracy at work in this country.

Your government, the school system, the mainstream media, your weatherman, Bill Murray, Hallmark, your parents. They're all involved, working constantly, feeding you lie, after lie until they've become accepted as facts that no one would dare question.

I'm talking about the Groundhog Industrial Complex. A group that's trying to distract the people with hodgepodge stories of umbramencing-meteorologist rodent while the real meaning of February second is being kept from us.
Well I've had enough of the lies.I will not cower.I will not hide.I will proclaim loud and clear


February  second is intended for celebrating the days getting longer and the prospect of the spring while eating delicious crêpes with your loved ones.
Not to look at a rodent looking at its own shadow. So I'm asking you to stop living a lie and join me in celebrating crêpe day at the Sunview Luncheonette this Sunday February 2d at 7p.m.

Here's how it works:

We'll make tons of crêpe batter, you bring your favorite sweet topping (fruits, whipped cream, chocolate, jam, maple syrup, etc) and something to drink (hard cider being the traditional drink of choice).

You flip your own crêpe for good luck, we stuff our faces and we have a jolly good time.


What to bring: Crêpe toppings.
See you there and then.