An afternoon (and I mean all afternoon) show at the Sunview Luncheonette this Saturday (10/23). From 1 to 6pm shifting, sustained chords produced by an electric organ tuned in just intonation will fill the space. Talice Lee, Patrick Holmes, Cheryl Kingan, Chris Williams and Che Chen will be improvising inside this harmonic environment, intermittently and in different combinations, throughout the afternoon.

Rather than impose this tuning system on the players in an overly theoretical way, the musicians are invited to respond to the organ’s tones intuitively. That is to say, by ear, or whatever other means they see fit. Noise, afterall, is just as natural as the harmonic series.

Sometimes the organ will “solo”. Or, pause.

Sounds will begin at 1pm and wind down around 6pm. Please come vaccinated. We’ll be keeping the capacity to roughly 20 people in the room at a time. This show is free thanks to a generous grant from the City Artists Corps.

Che Chen: electric organ, guitar, bass recorder, tape machine, voice
Talice Lee: violin, voice
Patrick Holmes: clarinet
Cheryl Kingan: flute
Chris Williams: trumpet

Saturday, October 23 1-6pm
Sunview Luncheonette
221 Nassau Ave. Greenpoint, Brooklyn