with readings, projections & prints by:

Hollis Witherspoon
Hollis is an actor, writer, and improviser, and teaches the craft of improvisation to visual artists at various institutions such as Pratt Institute, Columbia University, Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture and more.

Annette Knol
Annette is instigator of the project AUTO BODY EMOTIVES. She is a visual artist who works in between print, projection, installation, and publishing. Her work deals with the process of production and the abilities (and limitations) of the human hand. She is co-founder of Publishing Puppies.
Zachary Lucero
Zachary is an artist and writer. They pair photography with sculpture to create narratives of personal histories. Their writing is prompted by vernacular internet, and/or found photographs to characterize diaristic memories.

Amelia Bande
Amelia works in performance, theater, film. Her writing talks about life and friendships in a high-tech mode, the possibilities and failures of a perpetual scroll down. She is co-founder of Publishing Puppies.
Auto Body Emotives
started as a series of improvisational exercises between a printing press and Annette Knol. Is it even possible to collaborate with a machine or an object? This book wants to extend this notion. To open up the question friends and colleagues were invited to respond. This publication is the result. A collection of writings, drawings, and collages by 19 artists and writers from NYC, Berlin, UK, and Santiago de Chile.
With contributions by:
Amelia Bande, Deborah Bower & Mat Fleming, Maurice Carlin, Ursula Döbereiner, Stefan Endewardt, Tal Gilboa & Elizabeth Stehl Kleberg, Zachary Lucero, Anne Gilman, Sarah M Harrison, Annika Högner, Daniela Poch, Catalina Schliebener, Gwen Shockey, Charlotte Sims, Jeanne Vaccaro, Hollis Witherspoon, and Audra Wolowiec.

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