We will be looking at works of art and talking about them in relation to our racial identities, with the goal of using a facilitated participatory discussion to begin to identify racism within ourselves and our communities, and talk about topics and concerns to be addressed in future workshops and events. This is the first in a series of discussions about racial identity, power, and privilege to be held at the Sunview Luncheonette.

Facilitator Marit Dewhurst is the Director of Art Education and Assistant Professor of Art at City College of New York. She has worked as an arts educator and program coordinator in multiple settings both nationally and abroad including community centers, museums, juvenile detention centers, and international development projects. Her research and teaching interests include social justice education, community-based art, youth empowerment, and the role of the arts in anti-bias education.

RSVP to sunitadee@gmail.com with OCT 19 DISCUSSION in the subject line. Attendance is limited to 20 people.

The Sunview Luncheonette aims to create a safe space for discussion where divergent viewpoints are expected to co-exist.  We do not strive toward agreement on any one issue, but toward a healthy dissensus.  To promote the respectful enunciation of our ideas, we ask that participants self-moderate and help to create more space in which others can be heard.

This class is cross-listed with Utopia School, a participatory pedagogy and utopian visioning experiment taking place concurrently at Flux Factory, Queens.