Please join us to greet the publication of Rust Buckle Book's latest: Wires and Lights by Arlo Quint. Come by next Friday at The Sunview Luncheonette to celebrate.


Friday, October 21, 8pm at The Sunview Luncheonette (221 Nassau Avenue, Greenpoint)

Readings by Jess Mynes, Simone White, and Arlo Quint

Music by I Feel Tractor (Edmund Berrigan)

Art by KB Jones

Food by Christa Quint

Books and Drinks by Rust Buckle Books

The new website will be up soon; for now, you can order copies here.

Wires and Lights will also be available through SPD.

Arlo Quint is the author of Wires and Lights (Rust Buckle, 2016), Death to Explosions (Skysill, 2013), and Drawn In (Fewer & Further, 2010). He collaborated with writer Charles Wolski on Check Out My Lifestyle (Well Greased, 2012).

Jess Mynes is the author of several books, including One Anthem (Pressed Wafer) and Sky Brightly Picked (Skysill Press). He is the editor of Fewer & Further Press where he publishes innovative contemporary poetry. He also was co-curator for the longstanding All Small Caps reading series.

Simone White's new book is Of Being Dispersed (Futurepoem Books). She is Program Director at The Poetry Project and she teaches at The New School.

I Feel Tractor is the musical project of poet Edmund Berrigan, in collaboration with numerous friends along the way.

Born in Texas, KB Jones earned a BA in Philosophy from Columbia University in 2002. She received an MFA in Painting and Drawing from the University of New Mexico in 2014. Her most recent project beautified a wall for the Keap Fourth Community Garden in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. She has always loved working with poets.