Dear I–

I'm sending this out on behalf of S. who will be at the S.Luncheonette (a social center in Greenpoint) tonight with guest Frank Morales, discussing the future of squatting in the city.

We have a couple of open spots if you'd like to join us - S. and P. are cooking Colombian fare and also screening a trailer for their feature on squatting in the LES (a continuation of S.'s ongoing video project on the subject. Email me off list if you'd like to come.

Be well,


Ahead of the fundraising campaign that will kick off next year, we wanted to get some of our closest people together to update you on the project, share a meal and a discussion of the history and future of squatting.

Come see a short promo of A SQUATTER’S TALE, our film about squatters in New York City, and have dinner with us!

Frank Morales, the main character in A SQUATTER’S TALE, will be our guest of honor. He will speak about resistance, politics and the future of the squatting movement.

Join us for a casual dinner at Sunview Luncheonette in Greenpoint and ask us (and Frank) anything.

Hope to see you there.


An earlier film by S.G.

Master of None / Todero from Sebastian Gutierrez on Vimeo.