Hi Ho people of Sunview, Tianna-the-farmer reporting:
So the607csa is, once again, online and ready for sign-ups!
Check out the link here (summer, fall, and half veg shares)

and then, in my best marketing voice, I would say:  Next, explore the ‘share options’ tab for additional shares of dairy, protein (nice way of saying meat) (but including eggs), mushrooms, flowers and more.  There still may be a few more options to come, but there’s already a robust selection so please take a look.  We're quite proud of our farms and farmer-friends' farms and efforts to corral. We hope you enjoy.
This year, we’re going to do a la carte week-by-week featuring a seasonal, or special items each week.

Summer CSA runs twenty weeks from May 31 to Oct 11

Fall is Oct 18- Nov 22.
Half shares are full shares delivered every other week.
Working with Tuesday Deliveries again for the city.

We’re hoping to get people to sign up by May1 to give us time to prepare.  The earlier the better in terms of supporting us at the beginning of the season when we have little or no other source of income.

PICK-UP TIMES AND LOCATIONS are here There may be one or two additions (upstate), but these ones are set.

We’re looking into accepting SNAP (food stamps) for the CSA, which would be amazing, but have to figure out how it’s going to work still.

If it doesn’t work for the budget to pay all at once, members can pay in two chunks by check or paypal. Email me for details.

I think that covers it.
THANK YOU for helping to make it possible for us to farm!!

Tianna and the 607 gang

the 607 patch