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*It’s not “ours” at all actually, but our friend Tianna who lives upstate and runs the upstate Luncheonette is a farmer… and SUNVIEW is a PICKUP spot (not in that way) MEANING you can PICK YOUR vegetables UP every WEEK here if you JOIN NOW.

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About the 607 CSA

The 607 CSA is a collaboration between real family farms willing to aggregate product in order to offer our members the abundance and variety of the region. Importantly, we’re not middlemen, we’re farmers, so the money you spend on your CSA share will go directly to helping us run our farms. In fact, your CSA share is likely to save us in the Spring when we have no other income.

The project is a collaboration between two small vegetable farms aided by a neighboring larger veg farm for city transportation. It is primarily a veg CSA, but we have also partnered with our neighboring farmer friends to offer you season-long additions of pastured meat, eggs, cheese and more. Also, throughout the season we will be offering seasonal a la carte items as they become available. We will let you know about them through the member’s e-mail list and on the newsletter.

Also: yep, good guess; 607 is our area code. It’s been a dream of ours for some time to get a co-op, or farm club, or new grange scene happening. This project, and the lucky dog food hub, are a start in our region at formalizing the organically collaborative nature of farming.

The BIG IDEA is simple: Working together and with your help, we small farms can scale up in order to provide enough food to meet the demand and standards of our communities without having to resort to industrialization or crazy debt, or, likely, both.