Image: Still from Rankin Street, 1953, courtesy of Naeem Mohaiemen

Dear Friends of the Sunview Luncheonette,

I invite you to join me yet again for an evening devoted to poetic associations, surprising interventions, and an exploration of the senses. We will be sharing a selection of warm weather wines, one last time before the cool weather rolls in and claims influence over our palates.

Five end of summer wines have been lovingly selected by Brooklyn-based sommelier and winemaker Jonathan Walton. Once again, Walton will be absent, only this time harvesting Petit Syrah in Calistoga, California. He may make an appearance in one way or another though, as he has many stories to tell of these wines, many of which cannot be told through his tasting notes alone.

Each of the five wines has been paired by yours truly with a performance, video, or other intervention for you to enjoy as you sniff, swirl, and sip.


Chloƫ Bass
Shelley Burgon
Jesse Gammage
Naeem Mohaiemen
Piero Passacantando


Two white wines, a rose, and two reds.

I will ask that you bring about $10-15 each to cover the wine, and maybe a little cheese.

If you would like to attend, please RSVP here and I will write back to confirm that there is a seat for you.

I hope to see you there.

My best,

Sally Szwed