Three authors releasing new books with Publication Studio Hudson will present their work during this year's New York Art Book Fair.

Carl Skoggard, whose translation of Walter Benjamin's Sonnetsinto English stands as the first of its kind, will present on his process as a translator and will treat us to live readings of several sonnets, with a German-speaking friend joining us to read the same verses in their original language. Matt Bua and Max Goldfarb, both of whom have recently presented their book-related original works at NYC's Drawing Center, will fill out this Frankenstein of a book launch. Goldfarb, whose radio broadcasting duties upstate don't allow him to be present, will debut a video performance around his new artist's book, Handbook for Human Machines, which takes much of its source material from his long-running community radio program, "Human Machine." Matt Bua will conclude the evening with a presentation based on his new, sprawling, impossible to classify work of historical investigation and geographical quandary, Talking Walls: Casting out the Post-Contact Stone-Wall-Building Myth. Bua's argument, that ample evidence exists to counter the popular notion that European colonists alone built the famed stone walls of the Northeast, will conclude an evening comprised almost entirely of the new and unheard of.

Books will be available for purchase. All are welcome.